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Master Yinguang who practiced at Fayu Temple in Putuo Mountain was one of the four monks in the Republic of China. One year, Master Yinguang went to the mountain to preach the scriptures. Before that, every time he preached, an old believer came to listen. The old believer opened a cloth shop in the town. Not only did the business become big, but it was also very kind. Call him Mr. Liu, and Master Yinguang often talks with him. But this time, Mr. Liu did not appear on Master Yinguang's dojo, which made Master Yinguang feel a little puzzled. After preaching the scriptures, Master Yinguang decided to go and see. When he came to Mr. Liu's house, Mr. Liu was lying in bed, and his family fed him porridge by the bed. When Master Yin Guang came, Mr. Liu Lao greeted him quickly and asked his family to make tea. Master Yin Guang felt that although Mr. Liu was enthusiastic, he frowned, as if he had an endless mind. He asked carefully before knowing that ten days ago, Mr. Liu Lao invited a river and lake medical doctor to go home to give him a needle to treat his back disease, but he did not expect that the river and lake medical doctor had a stigma. After a few needles, not only He did not cure the illness, and he also paralyzed Mr. Liu. He fell paralyzed and couldn't get up. The family rushed to the city and called for an acupuncture doctor to come back. This made Mr. Liu slowly get better. I can get out of bed in two or three days. After speaking these words, Mr. Liu sighed and said, "I don't know what kind of mildew has been stained. I actually invited that kind of liar to come back for treatment and almost lost my life in his hands." In my opinion, this is your blessing. "Master Yinguang said with a smile. After listening, Mr. Liu couldn't help but said angrily: "Mage, you are wrong. My life was almost lost. I lay in bed for ten days, and you still said it was a blessing?" Mage Yin Guang twisted Twisted Beard smiled again and said, "As you said, you almost lost your life, but it was this 'almost' that saved your life. Do you say this is a blessing? How many years did you accumulate good deeds? Blessed! Not to mention that although you are lying in bed, your business is taken care of, your food and daily life are taken care of, and there are people who run out and run in to find a doctor for you. There are no delays in your family's affairs. Is n��t it a blessing? ��Mr. Liu said after a minute of recollection Marlboro Cigarettes, and he could n��t help but said,�� With the help of the mage, I found out that I was really in the blessing Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I almost lost my life, but I almost lost my life, but I I haven't lost my life. I've been lying in bed for more than ten days, but everything in the house is still orderly. Isn't this my blessing? !!! After that, Mr. Liu was in a good mood Carton Of Cigarettes.
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