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A CHAMPION bodybuilding couple have faced court accused of stashing image-enhancing drugs and weapons in their Gold Coast home.

Officers from Taskforce Maxima allegedly found testosterone Deryk Engelland Youth Jersey , methadone and fat-burning prescription drugs when they raided the Mermaid Waters home of Samantha Jane Heron and Josh Hourigan on December 23.

Weapons including knuckledusters and a set of handcuffs were also found in the main bedroom.

Police have alleged the couple have ties to the Finks motorcycle gang, but their lawyer Campbell MacCallum has called for police to show proof of their association.

Heron, a 25-year-old Queensland and Australasian bikini bodybuilding champion, and Hourigan Marc-Andre Fleury Youth Jersey , a 26-year-old personal trainer, are each charged with ten counts of possessing dangerous drugs and single counts of unlawfully possessing restricted drugs, property suspected of being proceeds of a crime, a category M weapon Alex Tuch Womens Jersey , and restricted items.

The couple were freed on bail before Christmas with strict conditions that they report twice a week and keep a residential condition.

Today in the Southport Magistrates Court Mr MacCallum asked their bail conditions be dropped to allow his clients to travel for work commitments.

Mr MacCallum said they had no criminal history and he was in negotiations with police to withdraw multiple charges against Heron.

"I've been given an indication the charges will be withdrawn," he said.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Nick Wang said he had not be informed of a change in charges.

The court relaxed the couple's bail conditions and ordered them to return to court on January 20.

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There are several rewards that come with quitting smoking more than well being. When you find out how to stop smoking, you will no longer spend money to buy cigarettes, your food will taste better and so forth. Nonetheless Nate Schmidt Womens Jersey , stopping smoking is a hard work. There are lots of people who were able to complete it easier than others but most of them would agree that it is among the most difficult things they have done in their lives.

Luckily, there are approaches on how to quit smoking such as those that don鈥檛 involve medication or aids on smoking cessation. But in most cases, doctors would prescribe a type of antidepressant to people who want to stop smoking. This is prescribed to people who resort to smoking out of anxiousness and can reduce withdrawal signs and symptoms.

There are lots of versions of nicotine patch which can also help individuals to quit smoking. It can deliver doses of nicotine through the skin, negating the craving to smoke a cigarette. Usually the patch is used in steps that start with highest amount of nicotine and also decreasing the levels of nicotine gradually to curb withdrawal symptoms to the point that the person will no longer feel the need to smoke.

Most of the people who feel they should find ways to stop smoking now resort to chewing gums. These are known as great options to smoking cigarettes. Others are turning to food as an alternative Jonathan Marchessault Womens Jersey , the reason why lots of individuals have gained weight when they quit smoking. Aside from that, the metabolism will also slow down as a result of absence of nicotine.

One of the reasons why some people find it so difficult to quit smoking is because it became a routine to them. Whatever they do, wherever they are, they always associate it with cigarettes Brad Hunt Womens Jersey , that is why it would be hard for them to let go of it. By changing your routine, it can help you to quit smoking. It would also help if you get rid of places where you can smell cigarette and its smoke. It would be impossible to resist temptation if it is right in front of you so make sure you do not visit places that can motivate you to smoke.

Quitting smoking would also be so easier if you do it with a friend. If you are serious about quitting this vice, you should not go out with friends who are smoker. It would also help if you find mutual things that the two of you do together aside from smoking.

By simply following these steps to stop smoking, you are going to gain more positive aspects aside from strengthening health.

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Learn HTML: Basic Procedure For Building HTML Documents Computers Articles | December 17 William Karlsson Womens Jersey , 2008
While there are many languages and codes that can be used to build Web pages, HTML is the simplest, easiest to learn and most commonly used. Get a brief intro to HTML here.This article will give you a...

While there are many languages and codes that can be used to build Web pages, HTML is the simplest Max Pacioretty Womens Jersey , easiest to learn and most commonly used. Get a brief intro to HTML here.

This article will give you a very quick overview on how to build an HTML document from the ground up.

The first thing you'll need is some type of editing application. Be aware that you can use notepad or any other text editor to writeedit HTML docs; simply enter your code and then save as when you're done. However notepad and other apps are obviously pretty limited in terms of user benefits. I recommend the 1st Page device from http:EvrSoft as a good free HTML editor to start with.

You should avoid using any WYSIWYG "wizards" and really learn to work with the actual code. If you're not willing to do this I urge you to just hire a pro to build your sites for you. The fact is software that builds the code for you does a slop job and your end result will be less than quality.

Once you have an editor open and ready, you'll enter this line at the top of the blank document:

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