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Parents are the teachers and friends of their children's life. They can tolerate their children's mistakes and solve problems for them. It was a day near the end of the period, and the tense atmosphere infected every student, and everyone was "squatting" with books. Due to the pressure of learning, my temper is also very violent Newport 100S. The night is deep, and I am still in a bright room, looking at all kinds of information with distraction, but I can't read anything Marlboro Lights. "Hey--" The half-closed door was pushed open. My mother smiled and took a cup of hot milk. He came to me and patted me on the shoulder and said, "In a few days, I will take the test and raise my spirit. Drink this cup of milk, go to bed early!" I can't listen to anything at this time, just like a cock that fights, vent to my mother: "I don't drink! I'm sick, don't make noise, I can't read it." Suddenly, my mother was like a shellless snail, and I was bruised and bruised. She said nothing, just put the milk at the table. I just wanted to go back and say sorry, but I found that my mother was laying a quilt with my hands and feet. My eyes were foggy. Although I used to have a small temper, my parents took care of me, but I didn��t shine every morning. My parents are already busy in the kitchen. In order to make me full of strength in the new day, they always prepare me for breakfast: fried rice, beef noodles, dumplings, etc. with milk and various fruits, maybe not very rich, but full of parents�� love for me. Love is the driving force for me to study hard. Once, inadvertently, I saw the two corners of my busy father in the kitchen stained with wind and frost. I couldn��t help but whispered from behind me: "Dad, hard work!" Dad was wrong, and I held me in my arms and stroked me. The hair said: "My little boy, grow up! Good! Good! On the way to growth, I just want to say to my parents: Thank you for your tolerance and ignorance; thank you for guiding me when I was down Carton Of Cigarettes. Give me affirmation and encouragement; thank you for making my life full of love, wonderful everywhere
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